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Filming in Morocco with Dreamaker Productions means saving big! Get 30% Rebate on your Production Expenses! VAT Tax Exemption!

International production companies receive a reimbursement of 30% of their investment in Morocco’s production industry if the productions allocate a minimum budget of 10 million dirhams (equivalent to approximately 1 million USD) and the filming duration spans at least 18 days. Dreamaker Productions will help you achieve this in no time

1: Do You plan to shoot in Morocco :
  • A Feature Film
  • A Television Series
  • A TV Film
  • A Docufiction or Documentary
  • A Long Form Fiction for Internet
2: If your plan:
  • To spend 10 Million Dirhams (about $1 Million USD)
  • To film at least 18 days in Morocco

You are eligible for a 30% reimbursement of your local expenses.

1: Before your production begins, a request needs to be send out to the CCM, something Dreamaker Productions can do for you, this would include the following:
  • Type of Project: Feature Film
  • Potential Filming Schedule for Morocco: At least 18 days
  • Total Amount Planned to Spend in Morocco: $10 Million Dirhams (about $1 Million USD)
  • Amount of Eligible Expenses in Morocco: 20% of the total budget
  • Amount of Financial Support Requested: Requesting support for eligible expenses
2: Once approved and the 5% deposit are with the CCM, you have :
  • 6 months to start production locally
  • 12 months to finish up the project calculated from the 1st shoot day
  • 3 months after the last shoot day to provide all the documents requested and proof of payments eligible for the rebate
  • Allow 6 months after you have submitted all eligible accounts to get reimbursed
3: Within 30 days :
  • The CCM will send you a conditional approval depending on the remaining funds at the CCM production’s support budget and ask that you provide a 5% deposit of the amount requested. If you request as an example a 200 000 USD refund, you deposit a refundable 10 000 USD.
  • To film at least 18 days in Morocco
1: In order to benefit from production support, you are requested to:
  • Release the Moroccan cultural usage rights (festivals, schools, and libraries) to the CCM for an unlimited term 1 year after the worldwide commercial release.
  • Provide a DCP copy of the film or series to the CCM.
  • Authorize the CCM to use extracts of the film for publicity purposes for the promotion of Morocco as a destination for cinema production or tourism.
  • Undertake to include the following in the opening credits of the film: "This film has benefitted from production support from the Kingdom of Morocco" in the language of the credits of the film. The CCM reserves the right to change this term or replace it with a logo indicating the production support provided.
  • Pay the totality of due invoices to the local technicians, crew, and suppliers.
  • Pay all debt(s) related to the production before the submission of the production’s support to the CCM.