We are proud to introduce Gyro Stabilized Tyler Mounts technology here in Morocco, so we can spare you from the usual hassles you may encounter while hiring aerial gear from abroad and help you achieve a much more affordable shooting.

1. No ATA carnet needed anymore.
2. No transit fees needed.
3. No International transport needed.
4. No excess luggage needed.
5. No Airport customs red tape issues anymore.
6. You pay for the mounts when you use them, then you save on transport and days off.
7. You may change your dates without incurring late return costs.
8. NO VAT TAX which is a 20% savings.


Available in our warehouse here in Marrakech

Tyler Middle Mount II
Tyler Super Nose Mount

We can also provide you from our European partner the following mounts

Cineflex V14
Nettmann Gyron 950+
Nettmann Gyron HK
Wescam 24 HD
Wescam 16 Digi
Wescam Genesis
Nettmann Stab-C
Nettmann Super-G
Nettmann Stab-C Compact
Nettmann Pinpoint HD
Cineflex V14 HD